Your Big Day

Will you marry me.....? YES


Now what needs to be thought about? How much!!!! You must be joking?? Oh dear this is going to be a challenge!

Sound a little familiar?

It doesn't all have to be list's, challenges, providers and choices.

At Music Event Solutions we are here to help you. We understand how important this day is and it's YOUR day! You call the shots; you know how you want it to be! Whatever you want it's our job to make it happen.

We want to make sure your celebrations look, feel and go as you plan them.

Allow us to ensure your day culminates in a musical celebration of your love.

We encourage you to understand the elements that need to be combined effectively and complement each other seamlessly into one memorable and wonderful experience.

Ceremony – Are you looking to build a dramatic atmosphere whilst your guest sit and wait for the ceremony to begin? Do you want the entrance to be accompanied by dramatic, ceremonial, appropriate gravity? Understanding your wishes and helping you to emphasize the crucial moments you feel are important are skills that Music Event Solutions deliver.

Speeches – Often a long anticipated and keenly supported moment in a ceremony, ensuring voices are heard clearly without interference is a skill that takes considerable understanding of technology and space. You need to be sure that your speeches are appreciated and heard by all of your guests. The experts are here to help you.

Sound - Whatever your choice of venue, you need a company who understand acoustics and who use the correct equipment to make sure that you and your guests are able to enjoy the sound as they would wish to. Don't just turn up the volume and expect your carefully considered playlist or favorite songs to reach your ears as they do at home. Acoustics are effected by shapes, materials, angles, heights and so much more, you need to ensure that this is understood and the right equipment is employed to deliver a really deep, rich and clear sound for you and your guests to appreciate.

Light – It’s so easy to get this wrong, how many clubs have you been to that have a few flashing lights in a darkened room? Not many. Lighting your event needs to be properly and professionally assessed, the dancefloor is not the only part of the venue that needs to be considered, where will your guests rest from their dancing, where will your guest chose to take a break from the energy of the music? These areas will be know to the venue and it’s important that they are illuminated in keeping with your wishes and compliment the surroundings and atmosphere.

Music – Let’s make sure the tunes that have meaning make it to the dancefloor, from your first dance to the last, it’s important that the energy flows and your guests are eager to burn those calories with enthusiasm and smiles. At Music Event Solutions we will build a playlist that you want, we are here to advise on the music you can consider throughout the day in addition to making sure all the important tunes you want to hear fill the room.

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And email or call 07803 372069 to solve your wedding sounds and lights

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